The Recce

1981 - RECCE, Henk Viljoen, is wrongfully declared KIA behind enemy lines. Abandoned by his superiors; it's a race for ...

Lilly The Little Fish

A family fairy tale movie about a child named Lilly who has been transformed into a boy. While her parents ...

Watch the Sunset

One shot principal feature. In a single afternoon a man comes to grips with the power of his past when his ...

The Liberators

One of the most ambitious and Epic Bulgarian projects in recent years, THE LIBERATORS (AKA Heights) is an adaptation of ...

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‘House of Salem’ Receives good reviews

Review: James Crow’s House of Salem Movie Review: House of Salem is a Demonic Dwelling Worth Visiting! HOUSE OF SALEM (2016) MORE REVIEWS: Viewing the ‘House of Salem’ Directed by James Crow ( @jamescrowfilm )
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